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 Fast way to lvlup.

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PostSubject: Fast way to lvlup.   Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:28 pm

Hello guys in this tut I'll show ya how to levelup on fast way.
All what u need is: 2 helpers wich can do Aoe.

Lvl 1 character - Person a
1st helper - Person b
2nd helper - Person c

Go to 200lvl mobs with all 3 characters. person b have to invite person a, then person b have to pull all mobs with r1 Aoe spell to be sure he wont kill them. When he do that person c must hit them 1-2 times to be sure their next target is person c. Then person b must die, when person b dies person c must smash them.

Point is when person b dies and person c kill them it will be same like ur lvl1 character killed them allone, because if is person b dead person a wont share xp with him.

I hope I helped you guys.
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Fast way to lvlup.
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