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 Explorer Items

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PostSubject: Explorer Items   Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:07 pm

Place chests in random locations in the game and make them drop "a location". Make it a sheet of papper like the ones appearing after using worgen etc. Put theese chests in hard to find places and put a link in it with a screenshot of the location on the map, so people can trade the location for something else. And finally make a quest which requires around 10-15 locations which gives you some shirt with visual effects like the ones purchasable with Event Winner Coins or some jewelry with some special effect. Make it an artifact (gray item) instead of legendary (orange item) and make it's name something like "Ancient Explorer's Compass (trinket). You can also make the name of that locations something like "Ancient Location #1 etc. If you wish to make it even more interesting you can make different item for every continent: Outland Explorer, Eastern Kingdoms Explorer and Kalimdor Explorer.

You can chose an "Explorer" from this link to add it as morph effect to any of theese items:

Like my other ideas this is about keeping people busy and playing. Very Happy
And if you want you can add theese locations or items to the VP/DP Store so people will have more things to vote/donate for. You decide their prices but I recommend to make the locations for VPs and the items themselves for DPs
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Explorer Items
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