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 New Cataclysm Weapons as chrismas Gift :)

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PostSubject: New Cataclysm Weapons as chrismas Gift :)   Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:54 pm

Hello! I wanna suggest for new Cataclysm Weapons. Very Happy 
Ok first weapon who i suggest to be added its: Cataclysm Off-handed weapon and Cataclysm Wand and please make the off hand with class like the followed:
Priest,Mage,Warlock,Druid.Because for shore the weapon will have to be create with more than 500haste,Black Tample Off hand weapon have 500 so cataclysm wep should be more.Secound if this wep equip Rogue for example he will be overpowerfull with Worgen and the spell dagger on who Rhan or Dant make mistake and made it for all clases.
And ,,Cataclysm Wand of the Bash"(if u like this name took it Very Happy)
Add just 20% more efects from the wand who drops illidan and add some Spell Haste pelase.And yes for shore make the followed:
Class:Priest,Mage,Warlock,Druid and Costs:Ruthless Gladiator Wand,Wand from Illidan(The Black Tample) and 4x Upgrade marks.
Sorry because i didnt worte the currectly names on Weapons bcz at the moment the page ,," is offline and server is too.
Happy New Year and Holidays   Hope you like it Smile rendeer   rendeer   rendeer
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PostSubject: Re: New Cataclysm Weapons as chrismas Gift :)   Fri Dec 27, 2013 8:12 am

Thanks for suggestion this will be added in next 2/3 days
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New Cataclysm Weapons as chrismas Gift :)
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