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 Quest (Unlocking Blackwing's Lair)

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PostSubject: Quest (Unlocking Blackwing's Lair)   Fri Oct 31, 2014 11:11 am

First of all, pick up the quest named "Unlocking Blackwing's Lair" from the Quest NPC at the start.
To complete this Quest you will need to carry out the Order's Given/Requested Below :

-Al'ar Slain 0/3. This means killing Al'ar From the Instance named "The Eye" 3 times.
Picture at the link

-Kael'Thas Slain 0/3. Killing Kael'Thas 3 times from the same Instance needed for Al'ar.
Picture at the link

-PvP Token 0/250. These are Acquired by doing Battlegrounds Such as Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and so on. Earning Honorable Kill's, however these cannot be Acquired from killing people in PvP-Ally VS Horde/or World PvP Arena's.
Picture at the link

-Grand Token 0/50. These can be Picked up from doing the Dailies Quest's set by 'Elaine Trias', such as 'Slaying the Pirates [Daily]' this rewards you with 5 Grand Token's, others such as 'Conquer Orgrimmar' which rewards you with a great quantity [36]. All those quests given are Picked up from Elaine Trias, located in the Mall and the Start Zone.
Picture at the link
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Quest (Unlocking Blackwing's Lair)
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