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 PvP Tokens

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PostSubject: PvP Tokens   Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:17 pm

Hi there. I think it'd be cool if there was one more quest to exchange something for PvP Tokens. I have 4k Grand Tokens, 2k Legendary Tokens in my bags and just 400 PvP tokens. It'd take AGES to get the best weapon and the requirements are really unballanced. You should either reduce PvP Tokens requirement or increase Legendary and Grand Tokens or make another Exchange Quest. I also noticed they're reachable only in BGs, which sucks! There aren't really many players play bgs and it'd be cool if you made a vendor for PvP Tokens like 20x tokens for 20k honor. Also I noticed better geared people have no actual use of BG marks, it'd be cool like 20x bg Mark = 100 (or any other amount) PvP Tokens. Best regards, Kacper.
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PvP Tokens
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